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An Energetic Experience to Host a Webinar and have 10,000 Participants

by Marketing Team17 August 2020

Story written by Moyn Islam

It’s one thing to organize a public event and a whole thing to host a similar event digitally. I may have been a person once when I believed, ‘Oh online event, eh? Easy-Peasy!’ But that’s not me anymore. Well, great things never come from the comfort zone. I, for one, personally learnt the pros and cons of a massive webinar recently.

The world around has changed, and the people too had to follow suit to adapt to the changes. A drastic change also is witnessed in the business world. Well, the appetite for a massive public event has faded. Especially given the pandemic, this possibility gets as bleaker as it could. That is why entrepreneurs, including myself, prefer webinar over public events. Just as anybody would have assumed, I too thought to some extent that webinar means no traveling, no hassle and involves lesser cost – as long as the internet connection is good. 

The day came when I, along with my brothers, Monir Islam and Ehsaan Islam had to organize a webinar for our company. The webinar titled ‘BE Innovation 2020’ was all about the roadmap to our brand-new vision and goals for the future. What was meant to be a public event, was reorganized to be a digital one, so we did expect and hoped a lot of participation. The planning that went into hosting the webinar cannot be described. We had to manage every hurdle before the webinar went live. But we were blown away with over 10,000 participants from across the world. We were stunned, to say the least. Here how it went:

Held in 3 languages to drive maximum engagement

With a dynamic presentation and compelling content, the webinar succeeded in attracting hundreds and thousands of participants from Mexico, French Polynesia, Canada, Dubai, Colombia, Belgium, France, Brazil, Netherlands, Costa Rica, UK, USA, Netherlands, and other different countries of the world. The best part is that this webinar was held in three languages, namely French, English and Spanish. Unlike many webinars, the audience could easily decipher the content as the language barrier was minimized. We successfully reached out and engaged with the audience of multiple countries at one time.

Powerful webinar content 

I had the best teams working on this, and they too left no stone unturned to come up with an outstanding presentation backed equally by compelling new vision and affirmations. Our company aims to expand its ecosystem and bring more people together to create a sense of community, and offer them the opportunity to succeed. Irrespective of background, education, or skills, BE’s vision is to help people to create their own successful business from their smartphones. To present this unique business idea ‘Live and Learn’ that allows people to learn new skills, earn money while traveling across the world and living life joyfully. I had never witnessed such excitement over a digital channel when the roadmap of BE was presented; with such energy and enthusiasm, I do have not second doubts in reaching the company vision of paying a billion dollars in commissions by 2022.

Effective webinar interactions and persuasive communication helped to maximize the energy and empowered the participants. An overall unforgettable experience!

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