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by Marketing Team12 August 2020

“You must love people enough to prepare and be changed so that they can succeed because of you.” 

More than business, contributing to the welfare of people is what one must aspire for really. And with this visionary zeal, BE Founders Monir Islam, Moyn Islam and Ehsaan Islam ventured in the business world and established their own company BE.  

As a company with a grand vision of serving humanity through advanced technology, BE was recognized by Forbes in 2019 for our pioneering role in bringing in innovation based on Artificial Intelligence technology. Our goal is not just to do business but to make people’s life better and enjoyable. We aim to provide jobs to millions of people by only using their mobiles. With a robust ecosystem, we offer opportunities for people, irrespective of their skill-sets, experience and background to build the business from their smartphones while living life to the best. The goal is noble yet straightforward - we create a scenario where people can work under one place using their smartphones only. With us, you can start earning right now from anywhere in the world!

In a nutshell, BE’s business idea revolves around the exclusive concept - ‘Live and Learn’. With our dynamic ecosystem, we offer a unique e-learning platform that teaches the best way to make money and also to grow it effectively. Further, the new age traveling platform assists people to experience the glories of the world while making a living out of it. 

Learn new skills to explore new opportunities  

Understanding that the power of technology indeed propels growth, progress, change and also independence in the lives of the people, we designed practical learning tools as well as services. Not just offering services, our vision is to help people to realize their full capabilities and enjoy independence. The unique e-learning platform or services that we offer are designed with people’s needs as the priority, helping them to take the next step forward and work towards accomplishing personal and professional goals efficiently. 

Aspire for a better life & future!

A better tomorrow is what Moyn, Monir and Ehsaan always wanted to accomplish for people around the world.  Their philosophy centers on empowering people to handle every aspect of their lives effectively. So as a brand, we offer a global platform for everyone, irrespective of their background so that one can have a lifestyle that he or she always dreamt of. 

Travel & feel alive!

Aiming to turn dreams of people into reality, BE founders  are devoted to bestowing more joy to the lives of people and helping them to cherish memories for a lifetime. Life is enjoyable when you can travel, visit different places, interact with people of different cultures. By covering the world of food, travel and lifestyle, we also offer an exclusive travel membership so that people can experience the world and do what they want. Enjoy best travel deals, quality call conversation anywhere in the world and enjoy uninterrupted commuting through exclusive ride facilities. 

So, what are you waiting for? Make money, learn, travel and in words of Lord Tennyson, “live life to the lees”. 

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