Mentoring Through Virtual Learning

by Marketing Team29 October 2020

Mentoring plays a vital role in ensuring the success of the students in their virtual learning journey. A mentor and a student form a good team to help the latter become a proficient online learner and also successfully complete the course. The BE founders Moyn Islam, Monir Islam and Ehsaan Islam has built a unique e-learning platform that presents a vista of advanced learning instructions and resources for those who wish to enhance their skills to live better lives. They have mentored several people from different financial and academic backgrounds and help them become empowered and operate business successfully from their smartphones. 

BE’s WOW, which stands for World of Wisdom, is a live streaming platform that can facilitate up to 1 million users concurrently. It offers various content available in multiple languages and is geolocated to its user's region or country. This platform is created with a vision to educate and empower people from falling prey to scams and empower them with the right information. It allows unprecedented access to a world of instructors. This is not just another online education platform, it’s a community-driven live streaming platform which is socially interactive focused on sharpening an individual's skills.

It uses the latest technology to empower the educational experience with artificial intelligence, gamification and a virtual reality experience with a transparent reward system to incentivize learners to learn and expert content creators to create. WOW hosts professional mentors who are considered the best in their respective fields. Some of the courses on the platform include blockchain, e-commerce, stock market, forex, personal development and much more. Any ambitious individual can achieve personal and financial growth to become experts in their field of studies. 

Below are a few benefits of mentoring session on BE’s live streaming platform:


Removes geographical barriers


In today’s time, it becomes easy to go online with expert mentors residing in various parts of the globe. This type of mentoring erases geographical hurdles because a mentor and a student can easily get connected anywhere, anytime. All the e-learning sessions also may be scheduled quickly. With a simple ping or text, a student may share any query with the mentor and the mentor too may respond without any delay. According to BE founders Moyn Islam, Monir Islam and Ehsaan Islam, “technological advancement and innovation have made the whole learning activities like video conferencing as well as chatting through diverse apps convenient”.


Allows learners to get a whole new perspective


Mentoring in online learning sessions helps to create a rapport between two people from completely different backgrounds and cultures. At times, mentoring can help the learners to experience a totally new worldview which they have never experienced before. With both the participants willing to be flexible, mentoring can be a very enriching as well as rewarding experience. With WOW platform, its users get real-time notification from their favourite instructors/educators. The users are also able to watch thousands of recorded lessons.

Bringing people together as well as creating a sense of belonging to a community indeed is the true purpose of mentoring in the field of digital learning. This is precisely what Moyn Islam, Monir Islam and Ehsaan Islam too desire to achieve and will continue with its goal towards creating oneness with the help of smart use of advanced technology. 

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