Igniting opportunity by providing powerful tools, accessible for everyone.
Our Story

What started as a three-person vision to provide a source of income to millions of people using their mobile turned into a gateway opportunity that has already transformed hundreds of thousands lives around the globe.

We saw a problem with the future of work. And a way to fix it.

The whole world is facing a wave of disruption. What if employment, as we know it today, disappears tomorrow? How will you respond, how will you thrive?

The idea of work needs to be reimagined; preparing for a new work path should be a constant quest.

So, we’re changing the game.

At BE, our mission is to create a place of work for 1 million people from their smartphone.

Our Founders, our visionary leaders, believed that equipping you with an opportunity to own a digital business, accessible anywhere and anytime through mobile, could prepare a better you for a better tomorrow. Furthermore, help you reach your full potential and provide a better life for you and your family.

Our approach disrupts the traditional direct selling industry model by first understanding that the world is shifting to the digital age. With that, our Founders created an unparalleled, ever-evolving company with a unique ecosystem that provisions to education, travel, telecommunications, transportation, and more.

Our Founders

Our Founders have proven years of combined experience in the direct selling industry. They understand what it’s like to build a network marketing business model. They have successfully laid out a blueprint to success, designed to help you speed up your growth towards your goals and objectives.

Moyn Islam
Moyn Islam
President and CEO
Monir Islam
Monir Islam
Chief Visionary Officer
Ehsaan Islam
Ehsaan Islam
Chief Technology Officer
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